Through the Unexpected aims to ensure that all people are informed, supported and empowered through a prenatal diagnosis of a congenital anomaly.

As an Australian public company limited by guarantee, we comprise of a membership group. A collective of people who come together to improve the experience of prenatal diagnosis and in doing so, work towards the charitable purpose of reducing distress and mental health challenges that are associated with prenatal diagnosis.

Individual membership is free and open to all people who wish to strengthen Through the Unexpected.

Members have benefits and responsibilities;

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member benefits

  • vote at the AGM
  • can nominate for a position on the Board of Directors
  • be part of a team that wants to change the experience of prenatal diagnosis
  • receive support to champion the psychosocial side of prenatal diagnosis
  • access the member area of the site for policies, archived newsletters and hear of advocacy and volunteer opportunities

member responsibilities

  • support the purpose and values of Through the Unexpected
  • commit to a $5 payment in the event the organisation is wound up
  • keep your contact details up to date
  • take part in the AGM (if available) and have a say about the governance of the organisation

To become a member, please review the terms below and complete the online membership application form. 

The information we collect:

We are required to collect information about all members. This includes your name, address, postal address and the date you joined and will be stored on the member register. The register can be accessed by other members in line with the constitution. Your information will be stored for seven years from when you stop being a member.

We collect other personal or sensitive information that we do not record on the member register. This is stored securely in a password protected cloud-based file. This other information such as your gender, pronouns, professional experience and your lived experiences are collected for the purpose of targeted grant and funding applications, as well as understanding our member base. You can choose not to tell us this information. We specifically ask you on the application form if we can use this information, in a way that does not identify you, for the purpose of advocacy.

We also invite you to express interest in joining an advisory or volunteer group and if you have ticked the box, we will be in touch with more information.

By completing the form, you agree to these terms, and to support the purpose and values of Through the Unexpected. Our privacy policy is available here.

Your application will be approved manually by our volunteer team and you will receive an email once this has been completed. Thank you for your support.

Complete the membership form