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We know that prenatal diagnosis is more common than many think. Yet, we rarely hear the stories of the people that have received unexpected news about the health, development or genetics of their unborn baby. We wish to change that so parents no longer feel hidden or isolated.

We have collated parents stories to share with the variety of reactions, experiences and outcomes.


  • These stories appear in random order.
  • Stories which help one person, may be unhelpful for another.

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The decision-making category includes stories that reflect the vast array of potential experiences.

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About the resource

Episode 4 – Chantelle – ‘It was a Friday afternoon, I received the call from the genetic counsellor, I was about to do school pickup. She just informed me that my blood test had come back and had shown abnormalities’.

Chantelle is a nurse and also runs her husband’s business. They have five children. Yes. Five. When pregnant with her youngest son she received a high chance screening result for Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome. Chantelle talks us through how she and her husband, who initially had different ideas about continuing the pregnancy, navigated the decision-making that followed.


Featured on One Screened Every Minute:
“A podcast bringing you conversations with ordinary people who have received extraordinary information about chromosomal differences in their pregnancy.

Prospective parents are increasingly encouraged to seek relief and reassurance earlier in pregnancy through non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPT). But what if the results are unexpected? What if they raise more questions than answers?

In this first series, host Elizabeth Callinan speaks with Sallie, Kaisi, Chantelle, Naomi and Al and Belinda about how they navigated the options available to them after screening results showed a high chance of chromosomal differences.

These stories are shared so we can learn but not judge and as non-invasive prenatal screening is becoming a routine part of pregnancy, they need our urgent attention.”