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Use this directory to find patient support organisation including condition and diagnosis-specific formal and informal groups and Disabled Persons and Family Organisations.

Search for a particular diagnosis or condition using the search box.

If you are looking for mental health and wellbeing related supports, such as therapists and peer support, please search the Centre of Perinatal Excellence e-COPE directory.

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Genetic Support Network Victoria (GSNV)

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About the organisation

We seek to assist people with genetic conditions and those who support them including support groups, health professionals, non-health professionals, families, and the broader community. Our work focuses on our core pillars:

Education – Ensuring access to information and building awareness
Advocacy – Ensuring key messages are heard by the right people at the right time
Support – Everyone feels supported when they need it

We seek to connect people and families with support through our network.

We facilitate opportunities to share issues and develop collaborative solutions.

We provide direct support for individuals, families and support groups through a range of services including telephone support, referral, connection, listening etc.

Condition or anomaly

Genetic conditions