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If you are looking for mental health and wellbeing related supports, such as therapists and peer support, please search the Centre of Perinatal Excellence e-COPE directory.

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Down Syndrome Australia

Location of support Australia – Nation wide Contact phone: 1300 881 935 Website: Main website: Website: Prenatal and New Parent website page

About the organisation

Down Syndrome Australia is the national peak organisation for people with Down syndrome in Australia. We provide systemic advocacy on behalf of people with Down syndrome and their families. We work to create change and make sure people understand the experiences of people with Down syndrome and their families.

Services for expectant and new parents
When a baby with Down syndrome is born, parents need accurate and current information about Down syndrome. The Down Syndrome Federation provides support and information to new parents and expecting parents.

Here are some of the services that our state and territory associations offer parents and families.

Family support services
Information and advice about Down syndrome
Information about local support groups
A home visit
Connecting with another parent
New parent packs
Online support groups for parents
Membership with your local association
Workshops and webinars

Our national 1300 number (1300 881 935) will connect you to your local state or territory Down syndrome support organisation. The staff can help you find information, answer your questions and to arrange for you to meet another parent of a child with Down syndrome.

Condition or anomaly

Down Syndrome, trisomy 21, DS