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Use this directory to find patient support organisation including condition and diagnosis-specific formal and informal groups and Disabled Persons and Family Organisations.

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If you are looking for mental health and wellbeing related supports, such as therapists and peer support, please search the Centre of Perinatal Excellence e-COPE directory.

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About the organisation

We’re the only Australian charity providing support for families, friends and medical professionals affected by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia(CDH). We support families throughout their CDH journey; expectant parents of a baby diagnosed with CDH, families caring for a CDH child, adults with CDH and bereaved families. We seek to minimise the social, financial and mental health impacts of CDH.


Some of the practical ways we help CDH families include:

• producing and distributing educational content about CDH
• facilitating face-to-face health and wellness forums for CDH families
• hosting awareness day picnics to raise funds and strengthen our community,
• providing support services through peer-matching and online support groups.

Our support service team members are parents with personal experience of CDH, who understand the issues families face and will support you with compassion and empathy.

Expecting a CDH baby booklet & care pack:

Condition or anomaly

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, CDH