our advocacy

Advocating for psychosocial support for all people affected by a prenatal diagnosis

We aim to improve the experience of prenatal diagnosis and access to support. In doing so, we will work towards the reduction of distress and mental health challenges associated with prenatal diagnosis. In order to create lasting change, we seek to tackle the systemic issues and gaps that complicate the experience. Our advocacy will address areas that matter to parents moving through a prenatal diagnosis, and to those who support and assist parents through this time and beyond.

Novel diagnostic tools are often deployed before targeted therapies are developed, tested, or available and before their psychosocial implications are explored. (Werner-Lin et al., 2019)

We advocate for further attention to the psychosocial needs of parents, and for equitable access to interventions. We want all people, from all locations around Australia, to find the support they need to be informed, supported and empowered.

We advocate for training and support for healthcare providers and peer workers. We hope for a future where all providers have the time and confidence to provide person-centred, empathetic and value-free care and have support systems to balance the emotional weight of working within prenatal diagnosis.

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our submission to the Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health Services (July 2020)

Through the Unexpected prepared a submission to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health Services, and provided previously unconsidered information regarding the significant and unique mental health needs of parents who face a prenatal diagnosis of a congenital anomaly.

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