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Prenatal diagnosis is more common than you may guess.

One in 22 babies has a ‘major congenital anomaly’, a difference in their genetics, health or development that is associated with significant medical care, disability, or early death. Many of whom are diagnosed during pregnancy. This statistic doesn’t routinely include babies lost before 20 weeks gestation or those with what medical teams consider  ‘minor’ anomalies and differences.

For expectant parents, news that their unborn baby has an anomaly can cause distress. This news and the time that follows, can be traumatic.

For many, the initial news of a possible fetal anomaly is only the start of the journey through the unexpected.

Through the Unexpected is a National Health Promotion Charity that aims to improve the experience of prenatal diagnosis, both for the expectant parents who receive a fetal anomaly diagnosis and for the professionals who support parents.

Resources for Parents

Information, links and more for parents who have received a prenatal diagnosis of a fetal anomaly or variation.

Mental health and wellbeing supports, diagnosis specific groups and professional support options.

Learn more about out National Health Promotion Charity and the work we are doing to improve the experience of prenatal diagnosis.

Resources and links for professionals who work with parents who receive a prenatal diagnosis.

Guidelines relevant to prenatal screening and diagnosis.

Supporters and collaborators

Supporters and collaborators who make this all possible (COMING SOON).