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Prenatal diagnosis is more common than you may guess.

Many expectant parents receive the news that their unborn baby has a difference in their health, development or genetics. This news is often unexpected.

Many parents experience shock, distress and trauma upon hearing that their baby has an anomaly or variation that may lead to an altered development path, medical care or early death. At times it’s very hard to cope with the news or decisions, at times it’s very hard to cope with the way in which the news is delivered or how others respond.

Parents face the barrage of complex health information to try and make sense of what the information means for their baby, self and family. The news often brings decisions about further tests and the option to continue or end the pregnancy, often a decision to be made when there is much uncertainty.

For many, a diagnosis and decision may only be the start of the journey through the unexpected.

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Our 21-22 Annual Report

21-22 was our first full financial year in operation as a health promotion charity. We have achieved many things as a small but mighty volunteer-led organisation.

We are delighted to share our 2021-22 Annual Report.

We’re co-designing training for health and allied health professionals about the psychosocial aspects of prenatal diagnosis.

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We are building our resources for parents! If you have a topic you would like to see covered or would like to help us, please get in touch.

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“I was a little bit numb and dazed after she told me this because I’m like ‘what is this supposed to mean’ . . . “
Expectant parent (Werner-Lin et al., 2016)

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