Latest Past Events

PSANZ Perinatal Ethics Webinar: Dealing with uncertainties in prenatal diagnosis – Dilemmas in decision making

Though uncertainties are part of daily life, we are ill equipped to deal with it in the 21st century where predictability and certainty is what is expected. When this is presented as a diagnostic uncertainty in a pregnancy the family is placed in a precarious position. With more diagnostic tools and sophisticated genetic testing, uncertainty is expected with many tests and the pregnancy turns into a nightmare for some mothers.

Exploring aspects of this diagnostic uncertainty prenatally and the dilemmas in decision making that families face will be introduced by Dr Trisha Prentice and Ms Pieta Shakes.

The issues involving moral uncertainty will be explored by Prof David Kirchhoffer and all of this will be facilitated by Prof Lyn Gillam. Participants will have time to ask questions.

MHPN Session In Focus: TFMR

Online Prenatal Diagnosis Mental Health - In focus: termination for medical reasons (TFMR). We will hear from a bereaved mother and a bereavement practitioner.

ASUM2022 – Invited speaker

Our Executive Director, Pieta Shakes was delighted to accept the invitation to be part of two important sessions on offer at the ASUM2022 Conference. We highly value our relationship with ASUM and their ongoing commitment to improving the experience of both giving and receiving unexpected news during antenatal ultrasounds and the care that follows. Obstetric...